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InTec System offer proven solutions
for the common challenges you face.
We collaborate with our clients to help them reach higher levels of productivity and profitability.
Leveraging our extensive experience
in Business Solutions, we've saved organizations just like yours significant time and money. We're eager to share with you the techniques and technologies that can revolutionize the way you work.

When the needs of a customer seem unique or when a customer does not
want to be restrained by the design or provisions of a product, InTec System
is the way to go. It brings to you
'made-to-order' solutions involving customized development.

Our team can quickly, flexibly, and safely create individualized solutions to help you achieve your business goals.Trainings and high quality assignments ensure that our engineers are always equipped to handle challenges of any assignment. These engineers work with a team of Business Analysts, strategy consultants and creative designers, to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy solutions.
Document Solutions

Document is document/ archive/ information kept as proof or references material. Consequently, document is "package of data structure for informational purposes" and
it is "the most important vehicle for the transmission of information between people".
Therefore, it is clear that document is a mean of transporting information from one to another or from one group to another group. This leads us to the discussion of the contents contained within a document instead of the media. Contents in a document will include several activities started on how a document was created, controlled, produced, stored, distributed and multiplied. Imagine the important role document played, within our daily lives, organization and especially business. Not to mention the evolution of human being and its civilization also influenced and developed with the help of development.

There are many types of document such as forms, report, law product, brochure, certificates and others. The format could be in the forms of printed, audio, video, images, etc. Examples of the media are paper, diskette, multimedia, CD - ROM, chip and other. Types, format and medium of the document will always overlap with the advance of technology.

Technology and business are developing and competing simultaneously hence forcing business professionals to watch the competition cautiously while maintaining and running their business. Document is an essential informational basis of working chain within an organization, it smoothens contact between customers and producers and has become our vein in performing our chores.
Documents need to be maintained and managed maximally in order to fasten and ease business process through technology and strategy. Our goal is to provide enterprise content management solutions that fully improve intellectual productivity of our customers.

Enterprise level Content Management Solution we provide, is a set of tools that can help your organization gain control of your content, reduce costs, improve collaboration and increase productivity. Documents and other file formats are digitized, making it easier to manage the content lifecycle, share, store, archive, access and protect your organization’s valuable data.

Solutions we provide will help you:
 - Turn expensive, manual workflows into lean, efficient processes
 - Reduce human errors associated with data entry and/or handling paper forms
 - Improve and speed up information/knowledge sharing between and within departments
 - Reduce costs associated with supplies, storage, misused man-hours and more
 - Quickly transform your data into multiple formats including but not limited to documents
 - Quickly access archived data through intuitive keyword searches
 - Connect with internal databases to leverage CRM, ERP and other content
 - Support for ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements
 - Return employees to value-added activities and functions
 - Monitor activities in real time and identify bottlenecks
 - Measure overall organizational performance
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